Wangsheng Electronics - Wangsheng-Electronics...shut down?

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After submitting all my proof to against a seller by the name of Wangsheng-Electronics it appears they totally shut down. They ripped me off for 2 different items I paid for via Western Union. Never got any tracking numbers as promised. Numerous emails resulted in replies from them as if I was a new buyer and having no idea what I was talking about. I launched a full dispute with as well as Western Union and the F.B.I. Last I heard (from the source no less) they shut down and are no longer doing business! Now I have to wonder if I'll ever see my money or better yet the items I purchased!?

Information for this company is/was:

Alibaba trade manager ID: cn209718176


webiste :




To date Alibaba still ignores the situation as well as the F.B.I. and I'm still out the money. Alibaba is a haven for scammers it seems.


I had the same problem with this company scammed for 500USD for a lcd 70 Inch was to good to be true

the *** sales manager name was Wuzi.f... ***

hope some bad *** happens to you stud ;)


I had the same problem with this company!!

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